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“Godwin does and exceptional job with his clients and goes above and beyond to meet all there needs.”

– Juan Quinones via Google

“Extremely professional. Treats you and helps you like family.”

– Blanca Collins via Google

“Godwin is the person to go to get your dream home. He will work with you make it happen.”

– Maria Taylor via Google

“Godwin was great. I was so stressed about buying my first home and he made the process so easy. He fought for my business and I will always respect that!! Thank you Godwin”

– Jeff Angel via Google

“Godwin and his team navigated us through the process of buying our new house! He was great in communicating to us what we needed before we needed it! We called him on several occasions and he was always quick to answer the phone and our questions in a clear way that we could understand.
He helped us buy our new home. And helped us refinance our old home so that we could renovate it. And that was no easy task as the old home was not in good shape. But he got it done. and we were able to renovate the home, and sell it at a premium price.
Thank You Godwin!! We look forward to working with you again!”

– Kevin F.

“Tsui Godwin stepped in after Navy Federal failed us after our long customer relationship and pre-approval by them. They made me spend a lot of money and wasted my time. Two days to close, they changed up on me and tried to sell me a bigger rate with another loan home and my realtor said no and introduce me and my wife to Godwin.
Godwin cares about Veterans and was fair to us. It took him three weeks to get us to close at a better rate to what Navy federal offered us. We got market rate (Covid rate). He saved Veterans. I am an Army Veteran and My wife is a Navy Veteran and we highly recommend Tsui Godwin to any Veteran out there who needs a home. Don’t be fooled by the big names. A trial with Godwin will convince you.”

– Franklyn E.


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